Keeping the Dominican Republic Pro-Life and Abortion-Free

About Us

Dr. Gene Antonio – Bio

He is a true warrior, full of passion, enthusiasm, the honest truth, with God’s concern and love for others. Gene and his family have kept legalized abortion out of the Dominican Republic, and the fight continues!

Gene with baby girl whose mom chose life-pure joy! YESSS!

Dr Gene Antonio, an American missionary and specialist in holistic medicine, is a man with a unique mission. He has dedicated his life to empowering young people in different cultures to treasure and include the value of all human life, starting from conception, and making positive lifestyle choices.

He also is dedicated to educating governmental and church leadership about the importance of being inclusive in providing human life with legal protection at every stage regardless of age, location, ability, circumstances, or color.

For the last 23 years, Dr Gene, and his family, have spoken with tens of thousands of children and adolescents in the Dominican Republic on the importance of protecting life in the womb, how to prepare for marriage, the crucial role of fathers, overcoming abuse, rejecting suicide and pornography, bringing out the seeds of greatness God has placed in their hearts, and fulfilling His awesome plan for their lives.  

Action Needed Now!
We need every person who believes Abortion is killing a human being to join in our fight here to stop the Dominican Republic from being turned into a slaughterhouse for selling aborted baby parts to the United States!

The Dominican Republic is a rare beacon of light for life. Life is sacred and our laws totally prohibit the killing of pre-born children as well as euthanasia. The radical feminists and Planned Parenthood are mounting a vicious underhanded attack to open the floodgates of abortion on demand. Their plan is to transform this beautiful pro-life country into a slaughterhouse for exploiting poor women into killing their babies, in order to harvest and traffic their organs.  They are doing this by stealth, insidiously working to change the DR’s penal code. Due to the scarcity of media coverage, most Dominicans are not even aware this assault is going on.

American stalwart pro-life missionary Dr. Gene Antonio has been in the forefront of successfully leading the charge against “opening the sluicegates for the blood of the innocents” for many years. He has worked to educate public and religious leaders about the horrors of legalized child killing.  

Right now, Dr. Gene urgently needs your support for a lightning strike educational campaign to alert people as to the horror that the pro-abortion forces are trying to unleash in the D.R.


Our Mission

Our Pro-Life mission has never been this critical!

Thousands of Dominican babies are destined to die at the hand of American-backed abortionists now invading our land.

We’ve held them off in the past, but it will take unprecedented measures for us to stop them this time!

Abortion is illegal here; it has been for decades. But our long-standing Pro-Life heritage is under attack. Organizations like Planned Parenthood International, The Gates Foundation, and other U.S.-based abortion advocates are aggressively seeking to repeal our Pro-Life laws and make abortions readily available here.

This is nothing new. We have fought them on every front for years…and have consistently prevailed. But things took a dark turn once Joe Biden took office. Beginning in 2020, America’s abortion invaders, under direct orders from the president, landed with a powerful new ally…the U.S. State Department.[1]

Despite the will of our people and our rock-solid constitutional restrictions, the Biden administration authorized radical new policies seeking to repeal anti-abortion law in the Dominican Republic and open our country to all abortion profiteers like Planned Parenthood and its allies.

Under these new presidential directives, State Department officials have been ordered to ignore our sovereignty and use all available diplomatic tools to introduce abortion to our land. These include threats of economic sanctions and direct support for country-wide pro-abortion public relations campaigns. All funded by U.S. taxpayers.

Despite these pressures, we have never backed away from our mission and we continue to succeed. As we have for nearly two decades, Save Helpless Babies fights to repel these invaders and hold fast to our strong Pro-Life heritage. We will never surrender to anyone or any entity seeking to make our land fertile ground for abortion profiteers.

Most important in our arsenal of Pro-Life programs is Operation Hard Truth (OHT). This powerful program is designed to present the realities of abortion to the Dominican people, instilling in them a firm belief that abortion is killing a baby, a mortal sin.

Operation Hard Truth has been most effective in our public school system. With the full support and invitation of Dominican educational personnel, we have presented its age-appropriate Pro-Life curriculum in virtually every classroom nationwide.

Nothing is more effective at defending against an onslaught of abortion lies and propaganda now spreading across our country. It is keeping the will of the people strong and legislators true to that will. Abortion remains illegal here, despite all the outside pressure for change.

This is our mission, to commit all our resources to keep the will of the people strong and to Save Helpless Babies from the horrors of abortion. We do that with an unwavering belief that this is God’s calling made possible through the essential donations we receive from Pro-Life advocates in America. If you share our urgent calling to Save Helpless Babies, then we thank you in advance for any prayers and gifts you can provide. It is through those prayers and support that we preserve our Pro-Life heritage and ensure that thousands of babies will never fall victim to abortion horrors.

If you wish to support our efforts and to save our babies, then please do so now. Our resources have never been so strained and the situation has never been this urgent! With U.S. federal funding now in the fight, we need all the support we can muster to Save Helpless Babies!



Imparting a pro-life conscience to youth
Gene says, “These precious young people are my treasure…touching their lives is a sacred calling.”
Gene soaked with “holy sweat” – 100 degree heat, no AC or fans – it’s glorious! No sweat…no sweet.