And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

— Malachi 4:6

Current Projects

Immediate Pressing Needs Save Helpless Babies

In order to keep abortion out of the Dominica Republic, Save Helpless Babies is ready to launch the following campaigns, with your help.

1) BILLBOARDS WITH STRONG PRO-LIFE MESSAGE: Buy space on huge billboards on heavily trafficked roads which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily. Cost per billboard: USD $500/month, $1500/3 months, $3,000/6 months, $4,500/ 9 months, $6,000/12 months. Goal is 50 billboards, $300,000 for a year.

2) RADIO ADS: Buy radio advertising spots on key stations with large listening audiences, 6 announcements per day ($100), 20 days per month, $2000 per month. Goal is 6 stations, $144,000 for a year.

3) TV ADS: Buy TV commercial time with large viewing audiences $100 per spot, $1,000 for ten spots. Goal is 4 major TV stations, 10 spots per week each, $208.000 for a year.

4) RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Get info packs with copies of the Hard Truth video along with other videos into the hands of thousands of Catholic and Evangelical leaders across the DR. They will show the videos to their congregations, thereby reaching millions.  $100 for ten info packs. $500 for fifty. $1,000 for a hundred. Goal is 25,000 packs for Evangelical and Catholic clergy and other key leaders to show to many others. In this way, we can blanket the entire country with the reality of abortion and bring this demonic locomotive of death to a screeching halt! $250,000 for 25,000 info packs.

5) TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS: Organize teams to visit with key religious leaders to motivate them to inform their congregations as to the horrific danger they face. Also, to meet with and educate politicians and media reps. $10,000

6) SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS: Reach out to schools, book appointments, and show up with the video projector to present critical information to the youth about chastity, unborn life, abortion, suicide, avoiding porn, healthy family life, and living for God. Goal is 400 presentations per month. $75,000 for the year.


The six minute video used to keep child killing illegal in the DR
(warning, contains graphic content).

Dr. Gene fits right in with the teens—he is still a kid at heart!
Younger kids love the Baby Steps 3D video showing babies smiling in the womb.
Kids love Gene and his presentations.